Historic Gold Horn Mine Sylvania Nevada Mining Claim - NV Lode

$ 6,800.00




20.66 Acre Unpatented Lode Mining Claim on Federal Land in the Historic Sylvania Mining District, Esmeralda Nevada

This is a massively, impressive mine with huge tailings. This mine is at around an elevation of 5662 ft MSL. There are a few mines on this claim. One has a massive headframe as you can see in the pictures below. There is a total of two ore chutes, 3 adits partially blocked only would take a little bit of time to re-open.  Two shafts (one is 166' and the other is 327' deep both need some additional digging but are in good shape.

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This particular mine is located not too far off from the hwy 266 (right past where the 168 fwy turns into the 266) right across the state border on the Nevada side. Easy 2x2 access, at the time our team visited the last 150ft had just been washed out.





The Sylvania mining district is about fifty miles southwest of Goldfield,  Nevada and twelve miles southeast of Oasis, California. The local mountains  were originally named the Green Mountains but were later changed to the  Sylvania Mountains for sylvanite, a telluride of silver.

The Sylvania mining district includes all of the northern  Sylvania mountains in the area south of Palmetto wash extending along the  Nevada-California state line to Cucomungo Canyon.


Prospects were first noted in 1870 when the district was  known as the Green Mountain District which was later changed to Sylvania  district. Small quantities of Tungsten were produced from the district in the  1940s-1950s. The Sylvania district has been an important producer of talc and  chlorite with credited production of 87% of all talcose material mined in  Nevada through 1973.

Silver-lead ores were discovered in 1869. About three years  later, a mining district was organized and a camp formed. The earliest building  materials were stone and pińon logs. It is said that Christian B. Zabriskie,  who came to fame in the U.S. Borax operations at Death Valley, ran a general  store here. In 1875 a 30-ton smelter was erected and operated, running for four  years before shutting down. The camp remained quiet after 1880. Since then  leasers have remained active and the canyon has stone ruins amid maintained  homes.


The district typically has warm summers and often cold/snowy winters. The best time to mine in this particular area would be Spring to Autumn.

The ore that has been documented in the area is Silver-Lead,  showing Values in Gold that have increased with depth. The geology of the Sylvania district is dominated by the  granite rocks of the Sylvania pluton. Most all of the mineral deposits of the  Sylvania district, metallic and non-metallic, are associated with skarn zones  formed along the margins of the Sylvania stock.

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