XRF Testing

Need Your Samples Tested?!

If you have rocks that you would like tested, send them our way! Find out what type of minerals are located on your claim, with a detailed report from the samples you send us. The Olympus Delta Pro XRF-Gun is used for scientific field readings down to the elemental level. The results are extremely accurate and reliable!

Using Positive Material Identification (PMI), XRF guns can also detect the alloy chemistry, and grade I.D. of 25+ other elements, not limited to; cobalt, copper, nickel, or magnesium alloys, as well as aluminum, zinc, zirconium, and titanium alloys. An XRF gun can also confidently determine the presence of platinum (Pt), silver (Ag), and gold (Au).

Equipped with powerful X-ray tubes, specialized filters, highly advanced detectors, and multi-beam optimization, Delta XRF guns provide quick analysis of even trace levels of low alloy steel, silver, lead, and gold in surface level readings from 3-10mm in diameter and depending on the metal and material surrounding it, can measure a few millimeters in depth in a matter of seconds. In fact, XRF guns have become a key component in the mining industry alone because of its accuracy and ease of use.

Interested in sending us your samples?
An example would be, if you would like 30 samples tested, at $10/sample, you’re looking at $300 plus the $65 fee, totaling at $365. We will then return the samples, labeled, and attach printed reports.


Contact our office today for more information! (949) 361-6618
**Samples should be no larger than a quarter**