• Rock Tumbler Kit- 3A
  • Rock Tumbler Kit- 3A
  • Rock Tumbler Kit- 3A
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Rock Tumbler Kit- 3A

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Complete tumbler-polisher kit. Includes pieces of rough agate, and everything you need to turn them into beautiful polished stones

Get professional results and immediate fun right out of the box with the most popular rock tumbler starter kit. The Lortone 3A Rotary Rock Tumbler has a molded-rubber barrel and 3-pound capacity. This kit includes the Lortone 3 pound quality tumbler, a pre-measured set of 4 grits and the Professional Gemstone Tumbling Guide. Perfect for polishing rocks, jewelry, glass or beads.  

About Lortone

For over 50 years, serious lapidaries have considered LORTONE the standard for performance and durability. Located in Mukilteo, Washington, north of Seattle, LORTONE has a long history of producing high value, economical lapidary and jewelry equipment built to last for many years. Their tradition of using superior materials and workmanship continues, using proven designs, premium steel and quality construction. Whether you're active in cutting slabs or bookends, polishing cabs, deburring metals, tumbling jewelry or beach agate, consider adding a LORTONE product to your arsenal. Dimensions 6L x 9.5W inches. Ready-to-use rock tumbling kit. Our most popular tumbler. 3 lb. capacity with molded-rubber barrel. Kit includes abrasives and polishing compounds. Stone finishing kit will process 8-10 lbs. of rough stones. Polishes stones, jewels, glass and beads. Includes complete instruction book. Strong 115V motor.

Product Information

Dimensions 6L x 9.5W inches

Ready-to-use rock tumbling kit

3 lb. capacity with molded-rubber barrel

Kit includes abrasives and polishing compounds


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