• Le Trap Square Gold Pan
  • Le Trap Square Gold Pan
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Le Trap Square Gold Pan

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Talk to any prospector who uses the Le Trap Square Pan and they'll swear up and down about how it's the best thing since sliced bread, while a few others will mill around muttering under their breath about how they never could get the hang of it, while those of us who've never tried one just stand there looking at the rest like they've just seen an alien.

The secret is in the riffles that offer 85% more gold trapping area than conventional gold pans. The riffles are set at exactly the correct angle to hold gold and wash away sand and gravel. Made of green plastic it is 18inches long, 12inches wide, 4inches deep, and weighs 16 ounces.

Essentially you load it up about 2/3 full with material, fill with water and slurry as normal. then you fill and pour, fill and slurry and pour, fill and slurry and pour - back and forth. The front wall of the pan acts a bit like a mini sluice box trapping the gold and heavies. Get it down to a couple tablespoons of material, then move the material to the front edge of the pan and wash the black sands backwards down into the square bottom. The gold should stay up on your riffles (though some may end in the bottom of your pan).



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