• Sluice 2 step ramp River Robber
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Sluice 2 step ramp River Robber

$ 121.00


The RIVER ROBBER sluice is made of light weight wear-resistant green plastic. 15 inches wide and 46 inches long but weighs only 4 pounds making it easy to pack. The riffles are designed with a two-step ramp which allows the sluice to recover fine gold without vibrating or the use of a carpet liner.

This sluice will hold the finest flour Gold as well as large nuggets. The sluice is made of high impact ABS plastic and will take a lot of abuse, but should you ever get a crack or chip in it, it can be welded with ABS glue, available at almost any hardware store. The riffles are two-step with a ramp. This allows the sluice to be self-cleaning. It has a self-cleaning tray on the left hand side which makes it easy to tilt up into your pan and splash water into it for the final quick and easy clean up. When using this sluice as a bank or bar concentrator, a spray system should be used at the upper end of the sluice. In order to operate this sluice in a stream, you need fast water.  In working this box, water should run through very rapidly, about 2” deep, which keeps the riffles clean and will leave the Gold and VERY LITTLE concentrates.

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