• Change of Mining Claim Name
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Change of Mining Claim Name

$ 99.00


Have you changed your mind about your mine? Well we can't exactly help you with that but if you would like to change the name of your claim we can help you with that. It doesn't matter from what company or person that you purchased your claim from. We can process any and all mine name changes for unpatented claims on BLM land.




How does this process work?

We will prep all the documents for you and you will sign and return them to us. We will then properly record the name change with both the county and state. We will issue you an change of name certificate from our company along with all the documents from the county and state proof of the name change.



Check List of what we need from you?

✔Copy of Location Notice or Deed

✔Your Contact Information should we have any questions



How long does this process take?

Typically speaking, this process takes less then 30 days depending on the county.



*Also note in order to change the name of the claim we need a signature from each and every person that is noted on the quitclaim deed.


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